Билет 1

1. Текст Are you proud of being Belarusian?

1. Read the newspaper opinion column and say in 2—3 sentences what it is about.

The article is the monologue of Belarusian who is proud of his/her Motherland. The author takes a lot of pride in its nature, rich heroic history and achievements, unique national holidays and traditions, welcoming and sociable people.

2. When did the author understand that he/she is proud of being Belarusian?

Find this extract and read it aloud. In my opinion, a sense of pride in your country, a sense of belonging to a particular nation develops in a person with time. Therefore, at my age, by the way, I am 18, I can say quite positively, that I am proud to live in Belarus.

3. What makes the author be proud of his/her Motherland?

The country has wonderful nature. There are hundreds of wild forests, rolling hills, green valleys, meadow, golden fields, dear lakes, rivers and European bison in Beloveshzkaya Pushcha. Belarus ha the rich heroic history. There are national holidays and traditions (Kalyady, Maslenitsa) which are typical of our nation.

4. What would the author do if he/she were a creative person?

If the author was a creative person, he/she would start drawing pictures with beautiful landscapes; write lyric poems about Belarus.

2. Аудирование

1. Why was Whitney worried about going to college?

She was quite nervous because she was going to share her room with someone she I know with a complete stranger and live far from her parents. She had no idea how she was going to make friends in this situation.

2. How did she find a friend?

In her English class, she told everyone some facts about her life, studies and goal for this class. It was to make just one good friend. One student come to her and held out his hand? Introduced himself. He asked if she would ne his friend. She smiled, gave her hand to the boy and friendship started.

3. What lesson did Whitney learn?

She learned the power of asking for what she wanted, being honest and taking action.

3. Тема Accommodation

We have a nice flat in a new block of flats. Our flat is on the fourth floor. It has all modem conveniences: central heating, gas, electricity, cold and hot running water, and a lift. There are three rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a hall in our flat. All of them are well-decorated and furnished. My apartment is not big but there is enough space for my four-member family. My family spends most of our time in the living room. We'd like to sit around a set of comfortable sofa there and chat with each other about the whole day. That's the happiest time of the day for all of us. But it is no doubt that I like my bedroom, because it offers me a privacy space. My room is the place where I feel safe and relaxed. It's small but nice and comfortable. There isn't much furniture in my room, just the things I really need. There is a bed, a wardrobe, a desk with a computer. There are some shelves on the walls where I keep different stuff like books, perfume, soft toys. There are some posters and photos on the wall. My room is very dear to my heart. I usually go there when I want to be on my own. I can shut the door and tell everyone in my household not to bother me. I think my room is a great place to chill out after school. To be honest, my flat is a great place for all of us and our relatives, neighbors and true friends. I hate cleaning, I and it an annoying, horrible, boring and thankless job. In the future it will be a medium-sized villa situated in an open area near the sea which I deeply love. It'll have a fullyequipped kitchen, four spacious rooms, a bathroom, a hall, and a Mg back yard with a big swimming pool, Its interior will depend on three important factors: comfort, light and warmth. I'd like to arrange everything in the house according to my taste.