Билет 13


1. Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what It la about.

The article is about how to avoid stress of commuting in modem life and improve the lifestyle. There are a lot of ways. It can be various means of public transport, an environmentally friendly network of cycle tracks, carpooling.

2. The network of public transport has improved lately. Read aloud the extract which says about it.

Public transport systems have improved considerably in recent years and there is now more focus on environmentally friendly forms. For example, old tram systems have been reintroduced into many European cities, making movement across large areas much faster and 'cleaner'.

3. How can we help reduce pollution?

People need to use their bicycles instead of their cars. The government builds cycle tracks. Several people arrange to share one private car to get to work. By simply planning journeys, we must reduce the use of our cars. There are various means of public transport.

4. Why is carpooling convenient?

It is a new and convenient system when several people arrange to share one private car to get to work. There are fewer exhaust emissions to the atmosphere and reducing levels of stress and pollution.

2. Аудирование

1. How do people feel if they have no friend?

People feel lonely and unhappy. They have no friend to talk and share their sad and happy moments.

2. What qualities does a good friend have?

A good friends has a lot of qualities. There are compassion, attention, honestly, caring.

3. Why is it good to be a real friend?

It’s good to make life of your friend different: full, meaningful and interesting. You can share in the emotions, give advise or listen to him.

3. Тема International cooperation

If we speak about “international cooperation" we mean, first of all, political, economic and cultural relationships with different countries. Belarus is a country of developed industry, education and culture. As a sovereign country. Belarus is a member of such international organizations as the European-Asian Economic Union and the United Nations Organization (the UNO). We export our heavy trucks, tractors, milk and meat products to Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania. Our import includes clothes from China; fruit from Turkey; coffee from Brazil; metal, gas and оil from Russia etc. This is an example of economic cooperation. Belarus takes part in different international business, political and cultural seminars and conferences. Such Belarusian festivals as Belarus Fashion Weak and the International Festival of Arts «Slavyansky Bazaar» are well-known all over the world. Siavysniky Bazaar promotes culture and art. The goal of this festival is to support young talents. During this spectacular cultural event you may visit concerts of foreign music stars, a traditions fair of folk crafts «Town of Matters», the International Investment Forum and Children's Contest. The motto of this festival is «Through art lo peace and understanding».