Билет 14


1. Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what it is about.

The article is about a 16-year-old English boy named Charlie McDonnell. He made his first video blog and posted it on Youtube under the name Charlie. He told the secret of his popularity. He is going to continue his activities.

2. Charlie says how the idea of making a video crossed his mind. Find this extract and read it aloud.

But he was bored, so he turned on his computer and started surfing the web. He soon found a website called YouTube and within minutes he was watching a video of another teenager sitting in his bedroom and talking to his computer about how bored he was. 'I could do better than that!' thought Charlie. So, using a cheap computer and webcam, he made his first video blog and posted it on YouTube under the name Charlie is so cool like.

3. How did he become popular?

He became popular when made his first video blog and posted it on YouTube under the name Charlie. He uses a cheap computer and webcam. A few days after the first video he had 150 subscribers. A month later Charlie's audience grew and he started to get hundreds of video messages from his fans.

4. Why do people like Charlie?

The main reasons are his honesty and modesty. He is not trying to sell anything and just trying to talk with people. And of course, he is a talented song writer, camera man, actor and singer.

2. Аудирование

1. Why do young people prefer to live with their parents In Hong Kong?

It's expensive to rent a flat in Hong Kong. They should also take good care of their parents and spend more time to be with their parents.

2. How did Huan's parents react to his decision?

They supported his decision and thought it was a good idea. She must try to live alone and how is that?

3. What are the advantages of living on your own?

He saves the travelling time to work and two-thirds of his travelling cost. He gains his personal space and freedom. He can invite his friends to come up and stay late, it's a new experience for him.

3. Тема National character and stereotypes

People are individuals and have their own traits, but they may have many characteristics in common. Every nation has the stereotypical positive features and negative ones. Belarusians are extremely sociable both amongst themselves and with visitors. Belarusians are the most welcoming and hospitable people. Compared to the people in many western countries Belarusians are less materialistic. This is not to say that they do not want a car, good clothes and a nice apartment. But consumerism doesn’t come close to what Is found, say, in Europe or the States. Not many people think of shopping as a leisure activity. Over time though, this may change as the market economy develops. One thing that always impresses foreign visitors to Belarus Is the strong sense of community. Our history has suffered many hardships. People have survived because of their network of family and friends. There is a high respect for education and culture. The countryside holds a special place in the hearts of Belarusians. On the weekends during the spring, summer and early autumn cities and towns seem to empty out as urbanites go to their dachas. For me is important the following traits: honesty, sincerity, tolerance, understanding and respect. I think that all my friends and my close surrounding possess these traits, because they are very essential for good and lasting relations. If we compare with British, so the typical British representative should be the tea lover. They are talkative and very friendly. What is more typical, the British sense of humor which is very specific. British meals are considered to be completely tasteless. The basic British dish is called 'fish and chips’. They seem to be also pedantic, but about every other nation we can say the same.