Билет 15


1. Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what it is about.

This text is about the ways to save the planet from the comfort of our own homes. Residential buildings are responsible for consuming 27% of the total amount of energy in Europe and are the biggest source of global warming in the world. The EU has now passed a new law to cut considerably carbon dioxide emissions from buildings.

2. Whet energy saving features in the design of the building are used nowadays? Read aloud the extract which says about it.

New buildings have more energy saving features in their design. They can have a wooden structure, extensive insulation, electronic environmental controls, triple glazing, a nonpolluting heating system and a turf roof. However, it is how we deal with our present homes that will determine housing's contribution to global warming. It's down to each of us, so get insulating!

3. What can we do to cut carbon dioxide emissions tom buildings?

We can block up draughts, switch off unnecessary lights. But full insulation can have a dramatic effect on energy consumption so we should use energy efficient light bulbs. These bulbs last much longer than conventional light bulbs reducing the consumption of resources. Also, thermal solar panels are very efficient.

4. What is considered to be an unnecessary waste of energy used In water purification?

Water used to flush the toilets is of the same drinkable quality that comes out of the taps. This is an unnecessary waste of energy used in water purification.

2. Аудирование

1. What sort of tour is it?

It's a fantastic tour of London by open-top bus.

2. What will the tourists see on the tour?

The tourists can see the museum with wax models of famous people and celebrates, the most famous shopping street in the world, Oxford street, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament; the popular attraction the London Eye; Tower Bridge; Tower of London, Buckingham Palace.

3. Why does the tourist ask to return the money?

The tourist asks to return the money, because it's going to rain heavily.

3. Тема Outstanding people

I think, every person naturally has some talent, but not everybody can become outstanding. Outstanding person is that who made something superior or excellent. I can't imagine my life without my PC or mobile. l’m sure they are the greatest inventions of all times because they changed people's lives forever. So when I hear ’outstanding person’, the Steve Jobs portray, the American creator of the first personal computer. There are a lot of famous people among Belarusians: writers and poets, politicians and cosmonauts, artists and sportsmen. They are historic figures and our contemporaries. I would like to mention some of them. First of all, they are the enlighteners from the past: Francisk Scoryna, Euphrosynia Polotskaya, Kirill Turovsky. Francisk Scoryna is the most prominent figure, as being an outstanding scientist and humanist, he translated the Bible into the old Belarusian language. Next there are famous writers and poets. The names of Y. Kupala, M Bogdanovich, V. Korotkevich, Vlasil Bykov are world-famous. There are examples of talented Belarusians who went abroad and contributed a lot into the culture, economy and science of other countries. For example, the world-famous artist Marc Chagall was born in Belarus. Everybody wants to be successful and famous but only some of them achieve their goals. Success comes to those who are sincere, hard-working dedicated and committed to their goals. Sometimes people are too lazy to become great - they are passive enough and don't use the opportunities the life gives them. Successful people are always looking for ways to improve themselves. So, our future is in our own hands.