Билет 16


1. Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what It la about.

The text is about a little wooden cottage of Wemmick. It looked like a castle. It had very few windows and the door was almost too small to get in.

2. ‘An Englishman's home is his castle'. Read aloud tire extract which proves this idea.

The 'bridge' was a plank and it crossed a gap about four feet wide and two feet deep. But I enjoyed seeing the smile on Wemmick's face and the pride with which he raised his bridge. The gun on the roof of the house, he told me, was fired every night at nine o'clock. I later heard It. Immediately, it made an impressive sound.

3. What do we understand about Wemmick's home life?

He has absolute ownership. When he comes to the Castle, he leaves the office behind him. He has his own little vegetable garden, his collection of curiosities and likes cooking. At the back of the house there are chickens, ducks, geese, and rabbits.

4. Why does Wammick call himself Jack of all Trades?

He is his own engineer, carpenter, plumber and gardener. lt had taken many years to bring his property to this state of perfection.

2. Аудирование

1. What made Sally write the book?

Sally loved writing. She had a diary for a couple of years. She wrote about her day, poems and stories. One time, when her pen-mend was moving to a new city she wrote down some advice for her - the things which had helped her. Her pen-friend said to write a little book about It for other kinds.

2. What did Sally's Dad think about the book?

He thought it was good, but he afraid that she can feel disappointed and frustrated If publishers didn't like It.

3. How did Sally's life change after publishing the book?

She got letters from kinds who have read her book. They said it's cool and shared their own experience with her. Now she is planning to write one more book.

3. Тема Tourism

Nowadays tourism has become very popular. It is always interesting to discover new things, different ways of life, to meet different people, to try different food. People may travel either for pleasure or on business. If you want to experience a whole new environment, to see new places and meet new people, travelling Is the right way. There are a lot of means of travelling: by sea, by plane, by car, on foot Travelling on business allows people to get more information about achievements of other companies and helps them to make their own business more successful. Some people travel for educational purposes, or they visit their distant relatives and friends. As for me, I don't travel much, but I hope to travel a lot In future. I prefer travelling by car. Travelling by car is convenient. You don't depend on the timetable. You are free to stop and change the direction whenever you want, I would travel around my own country first and then travel abroad. There are a lot of places to visit In Belarus, such as Mir and Nesvizh castles, Belavezhskaya Pushcha, Brest fortress and others.