Билет 19

1. Текст Book Review

1. Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what It is about.

The article is about The Guinness Books of World Records. In this book, world records are collected. Many of them are dangerous and would cause risk to you or to others.

2. The author describes how The Guinness World Records books changed with time. Find this extract and read it aloud.

The Guinness Books of World Records have certainly changed a lot In the last 60 years. The first Guinness Book was published in August 1966 in London, in Britain. Most editions were small paperbacks printed in blасk-and-white and contained more text than photographs. Now, there are color pictures on every.

3. What information will you find in this book?

You will And a wide range of amazing facts (the world's most expensive hamburger, the most hit singles), see and read about extremes: for example, the world's tallest, oldest, shortest, and tiniest - people, plants, animals, buildings. You will find some fantastic photographs, some stunts.

4. Why can this book be Interesting for the reader?

It is an amazing book with fascinating records and pictures on a very large range of topics to suit every reader's interests.

2. Аудирование

1. Why did the man's family have to rent a flat for about a year?

They moved into a rented flat, while the new block of flats was being completed. They need a larger home, because the second child was born.

2. What was their flat in the capital like?

It wasn't large, only 66 square meters. There was enough room for the whole family. It consists of 2 bedrooms, a cosy living-room with a balcony, a small bathroom and a kitchen.

3. How many people is he sharing the flat with at present?

He is sharing with just one person now.

3. Тема Future career

Nowadays there is a great variety of jobs to any taste and it is really not an easy task to choose the right one. I began to think about my future profession at the age of 15. My favorite subjects at school are Mathematics and English. And I know well what I'm going to do after leaving school. I am interested in business economics. I came to this decision little by little. It was my father who aroused my interest in that field. You see, my father is working for an international company as a chief economist and I am often at his office where I watch him working and discussing business matters with his colleagues. So I've learnt a lot about this profession. Economists study our everyday life and the system, which affects it. To become a good specialist in economic and business I must know many sciences, such as business economics, finance and credits, statistics, history of economic theory and philosophy, mathematics, as well as economic management, etc. If I pass my entrance exams successfully and enter the University I'll try to do my best to achieve my life's ambition and to justify the hopes of my parents. I also hope that I'll never regret my choice and get a wellpaid and interesting Job afterwards.