Билет 20


1. Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what It la about.

The text is about that a lot of young people cannot solve problems in the house. The author shows it in the example of the Rowlands family. Parents went to Spain for a few weeks and prepared a few tests for them.

2. Why did Dr. Rowlands decide to test the children? Read aloud the extract which says about it.

Angela Rowlands recently tested her teenage children's ability to do basic household jobs in the house. When Angela and her husband Ben went to Spain for a few weeks holiday on the Costa Brava, their son Mark, aged 16, and daughter Frances, aged 16, stayed at home to look after the house. The parents wanted to see now Mark and Frances would manage in the house on their own.

3. What did the parents prepare for their children?

They had prepared a few tests for them. It was necessary to change the plug on the microwave and to change the light bulbs, to look for the missing pail in the cupboard for the coffee maker.

4. Do you think the children passed the test? Why do you think so?

They had failed the independence test. When they saw that the coffee maker was broken, they went to buy a new one. Young people do not understand how things work or are made. If they have any problem, they quickly call a specialist and pay money.

2. Аудирование

1. How did Tom spend his day off?

He visited his cousins, Paul and Bob. They had rented a summer cottage near the seaside. They took a speedboat to go water-skiing. It was so much fun.

2. What went wrong?

About 6 o'clock it was getting dark and the engine suddenly stopped. They tried hard to get the engine started, but they couldn't. Then the boat slowly began to drift out to sea.

3. What made Tom feel frightened?

There was a load crash of thunder and a flash of lightning lit up the sky. The sea was dark and it looked as If there was going to be a storm, Paul and Bob looked worried that made Tom feel frightened.

3. Тема Belarus

Belarus is my Homeland. It is a country with unique history and rich cultural heritage. Officially It Is called the Republic of Belarus, a sovereign Independent state with Its own government, constitution, state emblem, flag and anthem. It is situated in Central Europe. It is situated nearly in the center of Europe and borders on Poland Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and the Ukraine. 64% people live in cities. Belarus is a land of vast plains and picturesque hills, thick forests and green meadows, deep blue lakes and flowing rivers. Forests cover 2/5 of Belarus. The large forests are called «puschas». The greatest of them is Beloviezskaya Puscha. There are a lot of rivers and lakes in our country. The Dnieper, the Pripyat, the Berezina, the Sozh, the Zapadnaya Dvina, the Neman are the biggest rivers with more than 500 kilometers in length. The largest lake In Belarus is the Naroch. It is a very popular recreation area in our country. Today Belarus is a developed industrial state. The main Industries are information Technologies, engineering, chemical industry, wood-working and food industries. Belarussian goods are exported to many countries and known all over the world. Agriculture of Belarus specializes in milk and meat production, flax, vegetables (especially potatoes) and fruit. At present Belarus is active on the international arena. It's the UNICEF's democratic state based on principles of Welfare and rules of low. I am Belarusian and proud of my country. I am proud of its amazing nature, rich heroic and cultural heritage, unique national holidays and traditions, hospitable and hardworking people. I advise you to visit the Palace of the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches in Gomel, which Is included into the State List of the Historical Cultural Values protected by the State. Today the unique museum complex unites the palace of the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches, a chapel (часовня), a winter garden, a watchtower and a picturesque old park So you can enjoy the beauty of the complex, learn more about the historical past of the country, handfeed wild squirrels the park and get a lot of positive emotions.