Билет 22


1. Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what it is about.

The text is about a very successful and popular TV series «The Pretenders». Each participant of this program has 4 weeks to prepare for a new activity and three professionals. In the end the judges must decide which of them they thought.

2. The Pretenders is a famous TV program. Read aloud the extract about it.

The Pretenders is a very successful and popular TV series. in each program there is a contestant who has just our weeks to learn to do a completely new job. At the end of the month the contestant has to do a test where he or she has to do the new job together with three other professionals. Three judges have to identify the one who pretends.

3. How did Jessica get to the program?

Two of her friends sent her name to the TV company to take part in The Pretenders. First of all she said “no”, but In the end her Wends and her family persuaded her and she agreed.

4. Was it an exciting and useful experience for Jessica? Why (not)?

It was an exciting and useful experience. She read the political sections of all the newspapers, a lot of live Interviews with politicians after that she felt more relaxed. For Jessica It was a great experience and she was pleased how she did it.

2. Аудирование

1. What country does the first speaker like most?

The first speaker likes most China.

2. What makes Italy a favorite place for the second speaker?

Italy is a favorite place for the second speaker, because it’s got the most wonderful mountains, coasts, beaches and lakes. Everywhere has lots of history and there is delicious food. People are so lively and friendly.

3. Why does the third speaker like Argentina?

The third speaker likes Argentina, because people are really friendly. There is fantastic music and dancing, wonderful nature (huge prairies, mountain ranges, waterfalls, glaciers). As for food, the beef is so fresh, natural and delicious.

3. Тема National character and stereotype

People are individuals and have their own traits, but they may have many characteristics in common. Every nation has the stereotypical positive features and negative ones. Belarusians are extremely sociable both amongst themselves and with visitors. Belarusians are the most welcoming and hospitable people. Compared to the people in many western countries Belarusians are less materialistic. This is not to say that they do not want a car, good clothes and a nice apartment. But consumerism doesn’t come close to what Is found, say, in Europe or the States. Not many people think of shopping as a leisure activity. Over time though, this may change as the market economy develops. One thing that always impresses foreign visitors to Belarus Is the strong sense of community. Our history has suffered many hardships. People have survived because of their network of family and friends. There is a high respect for education and culture. The countryside holds a special place in the hearts of Belarusians. On the weekends during the spring, summer and early autumn cities and towns seem to empty out as urbanites go to their dachas. For me is important the following traits: honesty, sincerity, tolerance, understanding and respect. I think that all my friends and my close surrounding possess these traits, because they are very essential for good and lasting relations. If we compare with British, so the typical British representative should be the tea lover. They are talkative and very friendly. What is more typical, the British sense of humor which is very specific. British meals are considered to be completely tasteless. The basic British dish is called 'fish and chips’. They seem to be also pedantic, but about every other nation we can say the same.