Билет 23

1. Текст MI LUNA

1. Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what it is about.

This text is about a restaurant In Spain. It is a Spanish cuisine restaurant where you are sure to be entirely satisfied and have very good memories of the visit. If you go to this restaurant you feel really a Spanish atmosphere.

2. The service in Mi Luna is very good. Read aloud the extract which says about it.

The service is pleasant, caring and quick. It makes you want to come back. The waiters just keep looking at your table to find out if you need something. If they see an empty glass, they immediately ask you If you want something else to drink. At all time, they are friendly and ready to clear all the used dishes from your table. They are always smiling because they are trying to make you feel comfortable and happy. They know each dish, so they are able to explain it to you.

3. What makes Mi Luna look very Spanish?

Mi is painted with the classical colors (red, yellow, white, and black). On the walls, there are photos of Spanish bullfighters, the famous classical Spanish dance called Flamenco. You will feel a Spanish atmosphere.

4. Why should visitors make reservations in Mi Luna in advance?

The service is pleasant, caring and quick. You can taste a lot of different Spanish dishes. This place is decorated really very impressive. Once you are in the restaurant, you feel a Spanish atmosphere, but it is very busy, so visitors should make reservations In Mi Luna In advance.

2. Аудирование

1. What does Margaret complain about?

She complains about the lack of time. She works hard all day, every day. She hasn’t got any time to enjoy her money, her nice apartment and car.

2. Why does Peter need new clothes?

Peter needs new clothes for his job interviews. He wants to make the best impression.

3. What piece of advice does Margaret give to her friend?

Margaret gave piece of advice about the networking groups. There are groups of people who are also looking for work. They help each other discover new opportunities. She is sure things will look up for him soon.

3. Тема Youth and society

Today young people try to take an active part in social life. They join different clubs, groups or societies. There are some informal youth groups: skinheads, hippies, punks, religious groups and political and non-political youth organizations in my country. Different religious youth groups aim at helping elderly people or working in hospitals. They also involve young people into music and drama festivals. The largest non-political organization is the Scout Movement. The membership is voluntary; they have a special badge, a training program and the motto «Be Prepared». They develop such skills as honesty, obedience, patriotism, kindness. The Belarusian Pioneer Movement is a part of the Scout Movement. One of the organizations connected with political parties is the Youth Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (YCND) which cooperates with the National Union of Students. They organize meetings, demonstrations and festivals. The most important youth organization in Belarus is the BRSM. The BRSM was founded in 2002, Its goals are to promote patriotism and moral values. The BRSM organizes such activities as camping, sporting events, concerts, volunteer work, charity and different demonstrations. I'm a member of the BRSM. I think that youth organizations should help young people to socialize but It Is not my case.