Билет 24


1. Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what it is about.

This text is about the world's largest educational and travel organization for older adults “Elderhostel”. It offers a large number of programs in a huge variety of areas. The older generation can really realize all their Ideas here.

2. What kind of organization is Elderhostel? Read aloud the extract which says about it.

Elderhostel, founded in 1975, is the world's largest educational and travel organization for older adults. Its aim is to excite people's minds and enrich people's lives promoting and encouraging different activities among the older generation. There are no examinations or marks. All that you need, in order to enroll on a program, is enquiring mind and an adventurous spirit. Also, of course, you need to believe that learning and discovery continue all your life. There are expert Instructors and experienced group leaders for field kips and cultural excursions.

3. What activities does Elderhostel offer?

It offers a large number of programs, online information on activities and services. There are traditional programs, where people study ancient history, literature, and art, and can learn about different cultures, modem people. Then there is a group of adventure programs involving activities like hiking, biking and studying whales. Many programs have keep fit equipment and a large number of social and cultural events take place there. There are also programs which give people the chance to help communities in different ways (protecting endangered species, tutoring school children).

4. Why does the word old' have a positive meaning in Elderhostel?

In this place the older generation has the opportunity to excite minds and enrich lives promoting. Here they believe that learning and discovery continue all your life. Everyone can find an interesting hobby and friends.

2. Аудирование

1. Why was the first speaker surprised?

The first speaker was surprised, when Terry asked to dance her instead her friend Vera Mills. They dated for 2 years.

2. When did the second speaker ask the girl out?

The second speaker asked the girl out to marry a month later.

3. Why did the third speaker think that the girl was awful when they first met?

The girl was introduced to the third speaker by a friend and she practically ignored his. She spent all night chatting and laughing with Tim.

3. Teмa Education

Today Belarusian educational system includes pre-school education, general secondary school, vocational education, secondary special education, higher education. The system of education of Belarus includes different types of educational establishments: kindergartens, nurseries, primary, basic and secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, child's home, boarding school, vocational schools, colleges, universities, academies, institutes. Children start going to school at the age of 6. They spend years at primary school and 7 years at secondary school. At the age of 16, when pupils finish the 9th form, they can either leave school or continue their education for another two years. Most schools are secondary comprehensive but there are lyceums and gymnasiums, where pupils get more profound knowledge in various subjects. Marks am given out of 10. All schools have rules, such as to be neatly dressed, not to smoke or to avoid casual hair styles. They get good knowledge in all subjects All are provided with equal opportunities to get good knowledge. My idea is that good knowledge depends not only on school and teachers but on pupils themselves it has always been Important to have a good education. It gives you more opportunities in life, but It doesn't guarantee that you will have a well- paid. prestigious job with good working conditions and job promotion in future. Unfortunately, these days the values have changed and a person with a good education very often can't find a place in the society. A good education can be the foundation of your career.