Билет 3

1. Текст My Ideal school

1. Read the newspaper opinion column and say in 2—3 sentences what it is about.

The text is about some teenagers from different countries and they are sharing their ideas about an ideal school. Some of them give advice to adults what should be changed at a traditional school to make l attractive to pupils.

2. One of the children says that school should have a soul. Find this extract and read it aloud.

My ideal secondary school is a safe haven it shouldn’t be a place you hate going to, but a place you enjoy attending. I believe it should be social, as well as educational experience. A school should always have a soul... there should always be laughter ringing through the corridors (Angela, 15, Moscow)

3. What do the children want to change at school?

Generally, the children want to change almost everything at school from building to leaching. Their school of the future is based on the idea of personalized education, mixing technology with learning activities, which aims are to develop a child's creativity and dreams. Besides, they want more freedom and caring and encouraging teachers.

4. Why do the children want more freedom?

The children want more freedom to ask questions and find answers through their own experience and mistakes.

2. Аудирование

1. What is wrong with the accommodation?

The heating doesn't always work It was really cold in the room yesterday. The breakfast is very early in the morning.

2. Why did the boy oversleep?

There is another boy in the room and he snores really badly. So the boy couldn't sleep at all and overslept his breakfast.

3. What agreement did he reach with the person on Reception?

The person on the Reception promised to send an engineer to fix the heating in the boy's room.

3. Тема Environment

Environment is the nature around us. Air, water, trees, flowers, animals, birds and insects. Nature has served people for many years, but people’s interference in nature has increased and the results are dramatic. People's activities have made a huge impact on the environment, but unfortunately, not all people understand it. There are many environmental problems, which are important today and all of them are interdependent. The most dramatic of them are water and air pollution, global warming, climate change, deforestation, ozone depletion, animals and plants extinction, nuclear issues. Most serious ecological problems are: noise from cars and buses; destruction of wildlife and countryside beauty; shortage of natural resources; the growth of population; pollution in its many forms. People understand that the planet needs their immediate help if they want to survive and they take measures to protect nature. People should stop wasting paper to save trees and limit unnecessary car journeys to prevent air pollution. People shouldn’t use gas and water carelessly. The nuclear accident of Chernobyl has seriously aggravated the ecological situation in Belarus. About 18 per cent of the country's soil is unfit for farming and some districts in the south-east of the country are dangerous to live in. l'm sure, that people can help the nature. First of all, we should respect the beauty of nature, the Earth's biodiversity and future generations. We also should reduce consumption of natural resources, emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, deforestation and human activities causing pollution of air, water, forests and soils. Besides we should recycle all used materials with available technologies