Билет 6

1. Текст Christmas Tree

1. Read the story and say in 2—3 sentences what It Is about.

The text шs about conservation the Christmas tree for a favorite brother and son Clifton by March. Clifton didn't get the leave and will not come to Christmas to his family.

2. The family got a message from Clifton. Find the extract which says about It and read it aloud.

My Dew Mother, I did not get the leave I expected for Christmas. I will miss all of you. Please leave the Christmas tree up until make it back. I hope to be home by March. Love from your son, Clifton.

3. What was Clifton’s job?

He was one of the Tuskegee Airmen and was responsible for maintaining the airplanes flying oil to fight шn world War II.

4. Which facts show that all the family loved Clifton very much?

His mother, being the optimist, said, Wed, It looks like we'll get to have two Christmas this year!" After Christmas, his sister and brother worked together to keep that Christmas tree looking as pretty as possible. Each day they moved the ornaments to the stronger branches on the tree. Each time they freshen that tree up and were full of thoughts about Clifton.

2. Аудирование

1. Why does the first speaker dislike doing homework?

When he gets home he wants to relax, to go out with his family Instead of having to do his homework.

2. What does the second speaker have regrets about?

She regrets that in high school she hadn't got used to doing homework.

3. What are the benefits of doing homework according to the third speaker?

She is sure that homework develops a sense of logic, makes you more intelligent, and enhances your personality it also makes us more disciplined and ready for future working obligations.

3. Тема Science and modem technology

We are living in a world of technologies now and can't remember our life being different. The humanity has made many discoveries and invented lots оf mechanisms and devices which have simplified our life significantly. Nowadays we can’t do without such gadgets as mobile phones. PCs, digital tape recorders, air conditioners, fax machine and so on. Many people feel ill at ease without their laptop computers or GPS navigation systems. In my opinion, technology facilitates our lives and saves our time. Computers help us do the most difficult sums and investigate complicated data. The list of the advantages is rather long: computers give us access to the Internet- an International computer network. You can spread a lot of your free time surfing the Internet and got all sorts of information from it. But in my opinion they have more advantages that disadvantages. It’s an open secret that the computer is a source of education, entertainment and communication. And in my life the computer plays a very important role. It helps me to find information and relax. People do business, communicate and do the shopping via the Internet. It is much easier to do housework nowadays, thanks to electric equipment such as microwave ovens, washing machines and so on. The list of the inventions is rather long. We am onlookers of greet scientific achievements such as television and a computer. We can't imagine our life without a notebook or a radio.